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♥ A heart in New York, a rose on the street ♥

I am a rock.

LOVES:______________________________________ HATES:
*Lucky pennies_______________________________*People who are afraid
*Trips________________________________________to be themselves
*When people wave to me (ahh love)___________*Crying in frount of my friends
*Singing______________________________________about something stupid
*Trees________________________________________*Overly-Violent movies
*Running______________________________________*when People who pretend not to cry
*Tea__________________________________________*Chocolate covered raisens
*Hearts_______________________________________*being disappointed in myself
*Opening presents_____________________________*Stupid Movies
*Good hairdays________________________________*Teasing
*Sales/bargains_______________________________*Bad smells
*Fun pens_____________________________________*Mispelling easy words
*Fresh breath_________________________________*People who wear their pants
*Good commercials_____________________________pants to high
*Laughing so hard my face hurts_______________*fake things

My Favorite Disney Princesses are: Belle and Ariel<3 love em'

My favorite Broadways are: Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, RENT, Hairspray, Chicogo, Les Mis, Lion King, Into the Woods and Mamma Mia.
I also love: Beauty and the Beast, Sound of Music, The Music Man, Annie Get Your Gun, 42nd Street, Jekyll and Hyde, The Color Purple, West Side Story, The Wiz, Annie, Cats, and many many others!!♥♥♥

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my pet!

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